Stride Accounting Solutions: Driving Change With Affordable Accounting Services

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Stride Accounting Solutions: Driving Change With Affordable Accounting Services

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Rupal Patel, Founder & CEO, Stride Accounting SolutionsRupal Patel, Founder & CEO Although there is a general consensus that small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are better-positioned to embrace innovation and grow faster than larger companies, the ground reality is somewhat different. A myriad of market studies reveals that SMEs fall way behind their larger counterparts when it comes to digitalization. But why?

A part of the reason is the budgetary constraints that SMEs face. As a result, talent and technologies necessary for digital innovation often remain out of reach for SMEs. Fortunately, many industry leaders are taking note of this market disparity and proactively trying to level the playing field for SMEs. One such exemplary thought leader is Rupal Patel, the founder and CEO of Stride Accounting Solutions. She laid the foundation of Stride Accounting to offer robust accounting, bookkeeping, and virtual CFO services for SME clients at a competitive price point, thereby enabling them to overcome the financial challenges of their respective industries and help compete with the large counterparts on equal terms.

How it all began…

Stride Accounting is the result of Rupal’s personal experience of over 20 years in the accounting and financial sector. A CPA and MBA from renowned global institutions, Rupal has worked with many large and mid-sized companies in the arena of financial accounting, accounting process improvements, business consulting, and software customization.

The company draws on its team’s proven expertise and knowledge of financial operation in large organizations and creates a similar yet tailored workflow for the small and medium enterprises

During her time at Deloitte, Rupal closely observed the differences in service standards between the finance and accounting department of major enterprises and SMEs. This observation inspired Rupal to help the SMEs with reasonably-priced enterprise-level financial services. “And thus, Stride Accounting started its journey,” says Rupal.

What really sets Stride Accounting apart is its ability to offer a customized service to meet individual client’s needs. The company draws on its team’s proven expertise and knowledge of financial operation in large organizations and creates a similar yet tailored workf low for the SMEs. In addition, Stride Accounting also leverages the latest cloud-based financial solutions such as Sage Intacct, Intuit QuickBooks, Oracle NetSuite to create a packaged offering for its clients. Using the power of API, Stride Accounting ensures that these solutions seamlessly integrate with the client’s existing accounting system, creating a synergy of different software working together.

This approach also helps Stride Accounting cut down its clients’ operational costs and allows them to function efficiently even under budgetary constraints. Needless to say, because of this, the company has become a go-to service provider today for many real estate, hospitality, and professional services firms, among others.

At this juncture, how these capabilities help Stride Accounting’s clients warrants a case study. An international optical firm was expanding its businesses to multiple locations through acquisition. And to simplify the entire process, the optical firm needed to streamline the data of the smaller entities they were acquiring. This is when the client sought Stride Accounting’s help. The company developed a custom solution to help its client standardize accounting and bookkeeping processes during the acquisition process. Automating every major accounting process, Stride Accounting also helped the client improve their workf lows. The client could, therefore, save the cost of hiring nearly ten additional members and instead armed themselves with a tailored solution that would scale as they grow in the future.

Moving ahead with such pivotal grace, Stride Accounting is now laser-focused on enhancing its capabilities to further help the SMEs stay abreast of a competitive business landscape. And even more so due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The current pandemic and subsequent operational disruption is forcing many companies to outsource their accounting and bookkeeping operations. Stride Accounting is now poised to help these companies reap the benefits of efficient and technology-driven financial operations.

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Stride Accounting Solutions

Stride Accounting Solutions

Chicago, Illinois

Rupal Patel, Founder & CEO

Stride Accounting Solutions is an accounting solutions and advisory firm for small and mid-size businesses. By combining its eco-system of cloud based financial applications, proven process methodology, and its deep pool of talent, the company can turbo charge the performance of its clients’ accounting department. Stride Accounting Solutions ensures that clients have transparency in their financial records and have the information required to have GAAP compliant books and enables them to make real-time business decisions. Its accounting and bookkeeping solutions are key to good management and support the growth of clients’ business.