Pivot Payables: Leveraging SAP Concur to Improve Project Profitability

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Pivot Payables: Leveraging SAP Concur to Improve Project Profitability

Cher Pearsall, Co-Founder & CEO, Pivot PayablesCher Pearsall, Co-Founder & CEO
In the history of human civilization, there often comes a time that creates a distinct “before and after situation,” and people who experience the change firsthand, live to tell the tale. In the past few decades, with the invention of the internet, advanced mobile communication devices, and artificial intelligence technology, the world has witnessed the future of the tech-driven economy. In the field of payment management, yet another “before and after” scenario was marked with the release of PivotPrime—a project expense management solution by Pivot Payables. Here is how.

One of Pivot’s customers, a global management-consulting firm, had automated expense reporting with SAP Concur several years earlier and wanted to also automate the process of preparing the backup documentation for their clients as proof of billable project expenses. To measure their ROI, the company conducted an audit comparing ‘expenses spent’ to ‘billable expenses reimbursed’ going back 18 months. The results were staggering—$1.35M spent but not reimbursed by their clients. While the audit proved that the expenses were allocated correctly in Concur Expense, things still fell apart on the billing side. The process in place was complex, requiring manual reviews of expense reports, extraction of expense report data and organizing it in spreadsheets, along with copying receipt images, and undergoing thorough reviews. All in, it could take hours to prepare each bill as any cash leakage from missed expenses was unacceptable. The Pivot Payables and SAP Concur partnership—integrating PivotPrime with Concur Expense— solved the problem on day one. PivotPrime received the Concur Expense data and receipts automatically, and in turn, PivotPrime customers prepared the project documentation in seconds including receipt images. The invoice can now be sent to the management consulting firm’s clients immediately.

“Our customers count on us to make it efficient to accurately and completely process their client billables, and we continue to evolve PivotPrime to meet their growing business needs,” says, Denise Davert, VP of marketing at Pivot Payables.

Pivot Payables has deep bench strength in workflow design, accounting best practices, and integration-specific SAP Concur methods

This instance clearly exemplifies the potential of Pivot Payables to shape the future of the project expense-management landscape.

Pivot Payables, in addition to PivotPrime, also automates and improves accounting workflows by connecting Concur Expense and Concur Invoice to the customer’s ERP or accounting system through another of its’ solutions—PivotNexus. An integration application that connects Concur to most financial and accounting applications, PivotNexus is fine-tuned to the customer’s business requirements. Customers use Concur Expense and Concur Invoice to automate the workflow and approval processes for expense and invoice processing. Once approvals take place in Concur, customers need the expense report and invoice data migrated to their accounts payable systems. In addition, customers using purchase orders need to import the relevant details into the Concur Invoice.

The PivotNexus cloud sits in the middle—between the SAP Concur cloud and the customer’s financial applications. Moving data from the customer’s system into Concur, PivotNexus receives data, such as vendor list, purchase orders, and purchase order receipts, then translates and loads the data automatically. Moving data from Concur to the customer’s target ERP/accounting applications, PivotNexus automatically retrieves data from Concur such as approved and payable expense reports and invoices, and then delivers it as required to the target systems.

The Pivot Payables and SAP Concur partnership increases the value of customer investments in business processes and systems, particularly related to expense and invoice processing. Both PivotPrime and PivotNexus are established as indispensable tools for their shared customers. “Pivot Payables has deep bench strength in workflow design, accounting best practices, and integration-specific SAP Concur methods,” says Cher Pearsall, co-founder and CEO of Pivot Payables. This foundational expertise creates enormous opportunity for Pivot Payables to continue adding value across the ‘spend and payment management’ market.