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Computhink: Contentverse Fast Tracks Control and Automation to Finance and Accounting Processes

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Computhink knows that financial departments and institutions are built on accountability, security, and efficiency. Time wasted in processing comes out of the budget, slows down accounts receivable, and adversely effects cash flow. Processes must be automated and streamlined whenever possible. Finance related documents must be indexed, processed, and tracked for minimal processing periods. They must also be easily accessible, especially for auditing availability, while at the same time being highly secure even in transit.

These demands are integral to the pivotal forces driving Enterprise Content Management in 2019: Deployment Flexibility, Accessibility, Security, Integration, Workflow, and Big Data. The best ECM solutions have evolved to meet these demands. With the upcoming release of Contentverse 2019, Computhink continues to refine and expand its Enterprise Solutions. While customers have already benefited from the ECM’s rich feature functionality, Contentverse 2019 users will experience a brand new interface and security capabilities that are even stronger and more accessible than before.

How Contentverse Fits In With Finance and Accounting

Computhink has established a reputation for dynamic solutions with a generous feature set for finance and accounting. Accounts payable documents can be scanned, electronically input, or generated by third party applications in any format, and saved into Contentverse where they are easily searched and made accessible for collaboration. Access is dependent on controlled user security settings. Office documents, emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, and many more file types can easily be incorporated into documents.

Contentverse customer K.M. Trading Company’s accounting department processes and stores confidential documents. These include purchase orders, goods received notes, tax invoices BPM, cheque receipt, and purchase return. The transportation and operations associated with each type of document used to be very time-consuming.

After implementing Contentverse, K.M. Trading saw a significant increase in the processing efficiencies and subsequent tracking of purchase orders and customer invoices. Queries are immediately resolved, with the ability to provide the relevant supporting documentation. Accounting departments like K.M. Trading’s report among the highest Return on Investment from use of Contentverse.

Indexing Data for Organization and Retrieval
The Contentverse EasyIndex module turbo charged another customer, Prime Healthcare, by facilitating the daily bulk scanning of their Goods Receipt Note documents. They can apply Barcode and OCR recognition – and database lookup due to an integration with their Hospital Information System – to auto-fill metadata values. This eliminates risks inherent to manual data entry. Records processed via EasyIndex are provided in XML file format as needed. Contentverse’s EasyIndexand CV Forms capture options automate the data input to the system with the ability to auto populate mission critical applications as well.

Web data input, such as that submitted via online forms, often comes in considerable numbers. With Contentverse’s EasyIndex and CV Forms capture options, automating input into the Contentverse system is a breeze. No matter how high the volumes, storage can be minimized with the utilization of High Compression (DjVu) PDF. Once you’ve entered all documents, related data can easily be identified for analysis. This input can also be automatically compiled and passed along for further processing, saving your organization time and money.

Storage and Access of Compressed Documents

EasyIndex automatically captures the unique values from documents. With an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system integration, EasyIndex can also pull relevant information from the customer’s database management system (such as SAP HANA), minimizing data entry.

Centralized access to electronic documents ensures quicker response times to a client’s inquiries and improves customer satisfaction levels. With the time-consuming manual element of document retrieval removed, staff can focus on core business activities.

Large documents take extensive time to download, causing delays that slow workflows and reduce efficiency. Compressed smaller files have comparatively faster speeds. Compression permits users to store and back-up data more quickly, especially when dealing with traditionally larger files. Employees can quickly retrieve information from storage to resume working, improving workflow efficiency. High Compression PDF (HC PDF) technology provided in Contentverse allows for quicker transfers and increased computing efficiency.

Contentverse has greatly improved productivity and organization for Computhink customer Alokozay Group of Companies(AGC). Files were scanned in from four warehouses and uploaded into a central, digital location. Utilizing the batch processing options and EasyIndex module, AGC processes thousands of documents in bulk daily. The HC PDF compression tool shrinks the amount of space necessary for on-premise servers.

Contentverse was integrated with AGC’s ERP, the Oracle E-business suite. Coupled with the database integration, the ECM’s simple and advanced search options facilitate quick document retrieval and complex searches in AGC’s dense filing ecosystems. Even from the mobile app, a user can search their entire directory at any time. “If an integration does not exist for your specified software application, we can and will develop it with little or no additional cost,” Computhink President Joe Wharram says.

Business Process Automation for Accounting Procedures

Computhink’s ECM comes fully equipped with a rules-based workflow, designed to imitate, automate, and accelerate everyday business processes. Documents of any format can be easily put into the Contentverse system, where they are highly searchable and made accessible for collaboration. The software allows retrieval of files quickly by an extremely flexible set of search options. Contentverse supports automatic version control and date/time stamping, enabling access to all chronological renditions.

AGC needed to process and store 3,000 pages a day, categorizing each as one of the dozens of different document types required. After scanning them into Contentverse, documents were then easily input into the intelligent workflow. Documents in workflow can be viewed remotely using the Professional client. Email notifications inform users when an item requires approval or other steps before moving on. Implemented in their finance, logistics, fleet, and human resource departments, the resulting expedited business processes, fast retrieval time, and organized filing structure have had a major impact on AGC’s key operations.

Contentverse Fits Finance and Accounting like a Glove

Computhink’s customers come from a wide array of industries, but their accounting departments all have similar needs and can realize major benefits from the capabilities of Contentverse. The solution gives them the ability to input and process large volumes of documents with EasyIndex and populate and validate data through integration with their accounting application database. Contentverse enables the control and automation of finance and accounting processes because of their ability to automate the process for between 3,000 and 17,000 finance-related documents per day. High Compression PDF is the icing on the cake, converting documents on the fly and minimizing storage requirements.

Contentverse is the content management solution for accounting departments. Whether it is integration with an existing ERP, batch processing and indexing of thousands of purchase orders or invoices a day, storage, expense report processing inefficiencies, or any of a number of other challenges – Contentverse has them beat. Customers can eliminate time wasted in manual processing and streamline organization to save their company money and make a speedy return on investment.